Cybercrime Victim turned Cyber Safety Expert Helps You Ease Your Cyber Fears

"Are You Tired Of Feeling Powerless When It Comes To Your Cyber Safety?"

This Is The Single Reason Why You're Still Putting 
Your Data, Your Family, and Your Business At Risk...

In 2006, I had my first lesson in cybersecurity: cybercrime and identity theft can happen to anyone!
Even though I had climbed the corporate ladder, traveled all around the world, achieved all my goals, and even worked in the world of technology...
A Cybermonster from China stole my identity to smuggle women into the U.S. and this affected my entire life: it threatened my career, my finances, my marriage, my ability to travel, and my mental health.
I almost lost everything - and for the first time in my life, I felt completely powerless…

Have you ever felt that you are this big, feeling inadequate, embarrassed, ashamed? 
And yet, you kept going?

That’s where I was…
But if you’re anything like me, you know that everything happens for a reason - that every obstacle has a hidden opportunity...
6 years of dealing with the aftermath of identity theft and cybercrime prepared me for a greater mission: helping strong, driven women like me and like you to become cyber savvy, take charge of your cyber safety and live Happily Ever Cyber! 
hi, I'm Sandra Estok!
Founder of Way2Protect, and author of Happily Ever Cyber!
And even though I’ve been in the IT, Data Privacy, and Cybersecurity fields for over 20 years, I spent most of my career feeling like I didn't belong.
As I climbed the corporate ladder, I strived to look confident, and I didn't quit even when I was shaking, my heart beating fast. I kept going until I finally did it "perfectly." 
I am scared of making mistakes, and because I care so much about everything that's on the line, I get easily overwhelmed with new tasks and terminology… 
Whenever I try something new and need to keep asking for help, the voices in my head kept taunting me:
You are not good enough, you are a joke, loser, you are not smart, you are never going to make it. 
I know what it’s like to struggle with lack of confidence and being afraid of the unknown.
I also know that when you focus on the opportunity, your obstacles are easier to overcome… especially if you’re not alone…
Would you agree?
When I started my career in cybersecurity, I was learning all these new terms and becoming aware of all the dangers that exist in the world of cybercrime, even beyond identity theft.
I realized that helping others become safer in their cyber world was the gift in my identity theft experience ...
I started to teach everyone I loved about cyber safety. I was so excited to help them become empowered like I now was, and to avoid the nightmare I thankfully survived...
But every time I tried, we all ended up frustrated.
The harder I tried, the more resistance I faced.
I couldn't even convince my husband, the most supportive person I've ever met!
I was puzzled.
They knew what I knew. Cybermonsters are real and they came for me even though I wasn't famous, the owner of a 500 fortune company, or a multi billionaire!
They knew it could easily happen to them if they didn't start taking action...
And then it dawned on me... They didn't want to be lectured with technical jargon, tons of scary stats, or the latest news.
While I was preaching why we needed to take this topic seriously, they were feeling judged and pressured, and getting overwhelmed by fear... 
I needed a new approach… 
I needed to make it simple, inspiring, and easy to implement… 
And that's why I decided to write the Happily Ever Cyber! book series.
I invested tens of thousands of dollars and countless hours in bringing my first book to life.
I had to overcome my fears of trying something new, putting myself out there, and letting go of doing it perfectly.
I am on a mission to change the way women perceive cybersecurity and the way women relate to cyber safety. 
And even though it was so hard to leave my corporate job, become an entrepreneur, and immerse myself in this new world, it has given me so much joy to know that 
Happily Ever Cyber!  How To PROTECT Yourself Against Hackers, Scammers, and Cybermonsters
has helped women like you become more cyber happy. 
It even became a #1 International bestseller on Amazon upon its release and has been honored with three International awards!!!

Sandra Estok
Happily Ever Cyber! is not another technical book that you won’t read. 
It will empower you to learn about identity theft, cybercrime and cyber safety so you can be more confident in the way you protect what matters most to you.
And yes, it has motivated my friends and family - including my loving husband, to have a safer cyber experience. 

I know it’s overwhelming 
to try something new, 
but you've got this… 
and I’ve got you!!!

I'm Here To Take You By The Hand
And I Know There Are So Many Hidden Opportunities 
Waiting For You In Your Cyber World.
You don’t have to be at risk, 
you can protect what matters most..
I've Got An Incredible Opportunity For You.

You can get
Happily Ever Cyber!
How To PROTECT Yourself
Against Hackers, Scammers, and Cybermonsters 
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Happily Ever Cyber! 
Digital Action Daybook ($57 Value)
You care about knowledge, and you're committed to action.
This empowering guide for women who want to be Cyber Savvy and PROTECT their Cyber world is a beautiful, and inspiring workbook to guide you in implementing what you're learning on your Happily Ever Cyber! journey. 
The 3 Little Pigs And The Power Of A Strong Password ($7.97 Value)
My team upgraded the classical fairy tale and gave it a modern cyber twist so you can teach your kids cyber safety practices in an easy, relatable, and fun way.
This downloadable Cyber Tale with Coloring Pages is the first in the Happily Ever Cyber!  Safety Literacy Series, teaching children cyber safety using the power of story.
Instant eBook Download!
($3.97 Value)
You don't have to wait to read Happily Ever Cyber! because when you act today, you will receive an instant FREE PDF download that you can access anytime and on any device, so you can get started on your cyber journey while we process and ship your printed copy.
Cyber Planning Printable Pages ($17 value)
You already love to plan and take charge of your world. 
You can access these downloadable cyber planning pages instantly, so you can use a tool you're already familiar with to also take charge of your cyber world!

Heal Your Fears: Habits To Become Fearless No Matter What! ($17 value)
Fear is a powerful force that can drive human behavior. In Happily Ever Cyber! you will read about my fear of rejection and to "not fit in" led me to many decisions that shaped my life. In this instantly downloadable eBook, you'll read about my fear of abandonment and you'll learn how to deal with your own fears in a powerful way, so you can crush your fear and heal yourself.
And, on this page only, I'm Including These
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Get Clear On What Matters! Masterclass (Worth $297):
Get Clear On Your Purpose and Your Top 5 Passions with this Exclusive Passion Test Masterclass with Elayna Fernandez and I.
Elayna and I are Certified Passion Test Facilitators and we will take you on a journey to find out what most matters to you - the foundation of Happily Ever Cyber!
As seen on Oprah, Success Magazine, and TIME magazine online, this process was created by 2x New York Times Bestselling author Janet Bray Attwood and endorsed by Michael Beckwith, Jack Canfield, Patty Aubery, Dr. John Gray, Rhonda Byrne, JJ Virgin, T. Harv Eker, Debra Poneman, Marci Shimoff, Ellen Rogin, and many other transformational leaders around the world.
Cyber Checklist Bundle (Worth $47):

7 Simple Cyber Safety Checklists To Protect What Matters Most To You
Reduce your risk of becoming a victim of Identity Theft and Cybercrime when you use this checklists to show you exactly how you can take charge of your cyber safety and protect your family, your business, and your personal data, with NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE required and simplified effort.
These checklists are companions to all 7 books in the Happily Ever Cyber ! series, so this is a unique opportunity to preview content from my next SIX unpublished books.
UNCENSORED Cyber Stories (Worth $27):
Stories and Interviews with 7 Top Leaders, Including Jack Canfield, New York Times Bestselling Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and The Success Principles.
You'll read the edited stories in the book, but these recordings include my unedited original interviews and commentary, which are not available anywhere else, plus an interview about cyber safety for kids and teens with The Positive MOM.
Are you ready to Finally Feel Cyber Savvy
And Protect What You Care About?
This is What you've Been Waiting For! 
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"This book will transform the way you perceive cybersecurity."

Sandra Yancey
CEO and Founder of the eWomenNetwork, Inc.
"Reading Happily Ever Cyber! was eye-opening, inspiring, and empowering for families”

Elayna Fernández
The Positive MOM, International Storyteller. 
Award-winning Story Strategist. Avid Student of Pain
"Sandra Estok has an incredible way to make cybersecurity understandable. Her steps to take precautions are not only easy to remember, but also easy to follow."

Beenie Mann
Matters of Perspective Show
I love the inventive analogies, personable stories, and timeless lessons. I recommend this book to every professional who wants to protect what they love."

Elisha Fernandez
Best-selling author of 
I Love Me! ~ Self-Esteem in 7 Easy Steps 
Your 30 Day Money 
Back Guarantee
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No more living in fear and insecurity...

No more depending on others or putting your safety on hold... 

It's your time to Live Happily Ever Cyber!

-Sandra Estok
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